Card Sets - Ken Fong Photo Journeys

Some of my popular photographs are available as card sets.  Each set contains 2 copies of 5 images shown for each volume, for a total of 10 cards.   Each card is a 5x7" press-printed archival ink with a semi-gloss surface to minimize fingerprints.  The watermarks shown on this page will NOT show up on the card image.  The card folds horizontally or vertically with blank space in the interior, and photographic information on the backside.  10 matching envelopes are also included.

Unless stated otherwise, each set is $38.95 + sales tax for CA residents + $4.50 for first-class shipping within the United States.  For overseas orders, please contact me by the "CONTACT" link.

California Vol 1


Davenportals 19, Davenport, California  2018.

Pfeiffer Beach 17, Big Sur, California 2018

La Jolla Landscapes 8, La Jolla, California 2018

Bowling Ball Beach 8, Point Arena, California 2018

Poppin' Fresh Hat 2, Salt Point State Park, California 2018

Watermarks will NOT show up in the card image.
Product will be shipped to your verified Paypal address.  Contact me for alternate payment and shipping arrangements.

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