Workshop vs Guide Services Explained

Workshops are educational programs that usually include on-field photographic instruction, off-field post-processing instruction, personal coaching, logistical arrangements, park entry and permit processes, and driving. Workshops are meant for a general audience of any skill level and have specific pricing and dates.

Guidance programs are customizable services that may or may not include instruction, but leverage off of Ken's forehand experience with a specific location. Ken can also pre-scout locations previously unknown to him prior to when a group arrives.  Guidance services are meant for a private party of any skill level and have negotiated pricing based on level of effort and travel. Dates for guided services are relatively flexible. A minimum of 6 months of lead time prior to the guided event is recommended; however, feel free to inquire about more spontaneous events.

Workshop Philosophy

I maintain a 6:1 student to instructor ratio to optimize the amount of personal instruction each student receives during scouting, compositional pre-visualization, capture, and post-processing. You will not be loaded into a van with a dozen other photographers.

My workshops emphasize strong compositions that you would be proud to develop into prints versus making “Facebook Trophies.” Instead of visiting many “pretty” and popular locations that have been photographed millions of times over, we will spending more time in fewer locations that I have valued for their photogenic qualities and compositional flexibility. In many instances, we will return to those same locations to apply lessons learned from the first visit and to increase the potential of nailing down the composition and getting ideal light and weather. I have to disclose that many of these locations may not seem impressive when you capture it. However, the photographic capture should NOT be the highlight of your trip. Although most of your composition occurs during the capture process, I treat capture mostly as simply data collection. The real excitement should come when your pre-visualization transforms into quality art through POST-PROCESSING. As opposed to the “pretty” and popular locations, photogenic locations have the potential for being compelling and unique, which is what you should strive for as an artist.

If you are trying to fulfill your “bucket list” of places to photograph, these workshops may NOT be the right fit for you. But if you are seeking to grow as an artist, please join me!

Workshops will come with:

- individual/customized coaching for each participant with respect to technique and composition; time is shared between up to 6 participants
- local area guidance and lighting schedules
- gear and accessory recommendations
- at least one leader certified in first aid (Wilderness First Responder)
- satellite phone for emergency evacuations (for remote workshops)
- proper park permits as needed

Workshop Requirements

All participants...  
- must have their own camera with manual (creative) controls  
- must be comfortable or open to using their camera in manual mode  
- ideally should be acquainted with the use of Adobe Lightroom (basic adjustments) and Photoshop (layers and masks)  
- must have a sturdy tripod  
- must have a good backpack to stow their gear and tripod  (ideally with free hands and no slung bags)
- must be in good general health and can hike up to 2-3 miles per day on uneven surfaces  
- must be flexible with expectations with respect to location changes and weather/road conditions

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