Of the four main Hawaiian islands, Kauai is described as "still being discovered" by the general public.  Kauai is known for smaller crowds of tourists, spectacular hiking with vistas usually associated with a lush and green tropical paradise.  The nicest beaches seem to be on the southern side, and the most scenic places are on the northern side.

2017 Unique Kauai

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Unique Kauai is a short series of workshops and meetups.  
Choose the ones you want to attend.  
Each workshop has a small fee to cover coaching fees, while the meetups are free (but have limited signups.)  Meetups do not have any formal teaching.

Date: Various sessions spanning from Oct 12-16, 2017
Cost: $29 for each workshop session (meetup sessions are free).
Workshop fee does not include accommodation, travel, or food.  
Workshop Capacity: 6 STUDENTS 
Meetup Capacity: the more the merrier

Queen's Bath Sunrise (Workshop: 6 spaces available) Oct 12 or 13, weather pending

Queen's Bath is a popular tourist attraction mainly for the "bath" itself, but the surrounding area is packed with photogenic elements including cascades, lava rocks, surf...all of which can be used to frame the classic Bali Hai vista as the background.  Meet at the trailhead parking area, and we will hike down together (for those who are on time.)

Abandoned Railroad Sunrise (Workshop: 6 spaces available) Oct 14 or 15, weather pending

Juxtaposition is a widely used tool for any artist.  I always teach my students to find patterns, then find something to break that pattern to make a strong composition.  At this location, we will juxtapose a man-made element with a natural surrounding.  This composition looks quite horrible during the middle of the day, but takes on a very different and surreal quality when photographed at the margins of the day.  Long exposures are required, so you will be advised to bring at least a 5-stop ND filter.  Meet at the location.

Ke'e Big Wave Photography (Meetup) Oct 15 or 16, weather pending

Ke'e Beach is known for large crashing turquoise waves, with unique shapes and formations when photographed at fast shutter speeds. On top of all of this, we hope to backlight these waves with a warm setting sun to introduce orange tones, which will make your wave look like Chihuly-esque glass. A telephoto greater than 200mm will be required. Carpooling is recommended due to the limited parking at the main lot.



How do you make your photographs look less like snapshots and more like fine art?  The following composition topics will be taught in-class and reinforced on the field including how to:- pre-visualize a composition- scout a location to identify favorable foreground and background elements- arrange the elements to rule-of-third guidelines- find and develop visual direction


How do you make sure you are capturing useful information while on the field in order to create a masterpiece after you leave?   The following capture topics will be taught in-class and reinforced on the field:- simplifying capture workflow so that you can spend more energy on composition- capturing optimal exposure for post-processing- hyperfocusing; maximizing focus at the optimal aperture- determining shutter speed to achieve your visualized composition- basic camera settings and best practices


Post-processing will not be taught during these sessions; however, tips will be given after the workshop upon request.


1) Ability to operate a camera comfortably in MANUAL mode
2) Your own camera gear including a DSLR, an ultra-wide zoom lens, and a sturdy tripod


These events are weather pending.  If weather is too severe (e.g. heavy rain), event will cancel and attendees will be notified and receive full refunds for workshop fees paid.


Oct 12 OR 13 (based on weather):
Queen's Bath Sunrise (1-HOUR WORKSHOP)

OCT 14 OR 15 (based on weather):
Abandoned Railroad Sunrise (1-HOUR WORKSHOP)

Oct 15 OR 16 (based on weather):
Ke'e Big Wave Photography (MEETUP)

Reservation and Payment

Unique Kauai Workshop

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