Japan's Izu Peninsula has been described as "Tokyo's Big Sur", yet it is relatively unknown to western visitors and starting to gain popularity with international landscape photographers.

2018 Izu Wonders

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Workshop Dates:
OCT 17-19, 2018 (2 nights, 5 photo sessions)
OCT 19-21, 2018 (2 nights, 5 photo sessions)
OCT 21-23, 2018 (2 nights, 5 photo sessions)
Workshop Cost: $790 per workshop; $300 non-refundable deposit required - can be transferred
(Attend 2 workshops for $1300; Attend all 3 workshops for $1700)

Workshop cost includes: Workshop instruction, travel within Izu area (including shuttle from train station), lodging based on single occupancy, and authentic Japanese breakfasts.  Please inquire If you would like to lower your lodging expenses by sharing a room with another photographer.
Workshop cost does NOT include: your cost to get to Japan and Izu Peninsula and meals.

Capacity: 5 STUDENTS per workshop


A minimum of 4 students among the 3 workshops is needed by July 19 for this workshop to happen.  DO NOT BOOK YOUR TIME OFF AND FLIGHTS UNTIL THIS WORKSHOP HAS A GREEN LIGHT.  If there are not enough signups by July 19, any deposits will be refunded.


Please read before submitting a deposit.
The workshop fee is $790. A $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to secure your seat. On Aug 16, 2018, 50% of the remaining balance will be due. The remaining balance is due in full on or before Sep 24, 2018.
Due to the high cost of cancellation and limited seating, refunds are given according to this schedule:  
- 100% refundable (not including deposit) if cancelled 120 days or greater ahead of the event start date  
- 50% refundable (not including deposit) if cancelled within 119-60 days ahead of the event start date  
- No refund if cancellation occurs less than 60 days ahead of the event start date. A seat is transferrable if a cancellation results in no refund.

- There are no refunds if weather cancels a photo shoot. 

- If you have low tolerance for the financial risks related to potential cancellations caused by you (family emergencies, etc.), I highly recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation insurance ("CFAR, Cancel For Any Reason").

- The ONLY scenario where there is a FULL refund (including deposit) is if a severe storm is forecasted a week prior to the workshop (and KFPJ will officially cancel the workshop.)  The refund will ONLY cover workshop fees (it will not cover your cost to travel to Izu, their time off from work, etc.)  If you have low tolerance for such financial risks, it is again highly recommended that you purchase Trip Cancellation ("CFAR, Cancel For Any Reason") insurance.




How do you make your photographs look less like snapshots and more like fine art?  The following composition topics will be taught in-class and reinforced on the field including how to:
- pre-visualize a composition
- scout a location
- identify favorable foreground and background elements
- arrange the elements to the rule-of-thirds guidelines
- find and support visual direction


How do you make sure you are capturing useful information while on the field in order to create a masterpiece after you leave?   The following capture topics will be taught on the field:
- simplifying capture workflow so that you can spend more energy on composition- capturing optimal exposure for post-processing
- hyperfocusing; maximizing focus at the optimal aperture
- determining shutter speed to achieve your visualized composition
- basic camera settings and best practices


Due to the short nature of these workshops, abbreviated post-processing sessions will be available conditional upon photography conditions.

Composing and capturing a photo is only halfway to your masterpiece...post-processing is the other half and represents a big chunk of what defines your unique artistic style. Post-processing takes a longer time to master, but is something anyone can get started on right away. As long as a photo was captured optimally (see the "CAPTURE" section), the image can always be revisited again for processing as one gains more experience. The student will be exposed to various methods in order to have a reference of what is possible. The student can then pursue it further with more coursework. Each student can choose any method to practice during the workshop according to their comfort level. Post-processing topics will include:
- survey of different methods: pros and cons
- basic Lightroom (Camera Raw) adjustment
- introduction to Photoshop adjustments and luminosity masks
- using post-processing to achieve the composition that you pre-visualized


1) Ability to operate a camera comfortably in MANUAL mode
2) Familiarity with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
3) Your own camera gear including a DSLR or mirrorless camera, an ultra-wide zoom lens, a telephoto lens, and a sturdy tripod
4) A notebook PC with Adobe CC (Lightroom and Photoshop) installed.  Do not use Photoshop Elements or any "light" version of Photoshop.


1) Every participant must be in reasonably good physical shape and able to hike 2-3 miles a day on uneven terrain while carrying their own gear.  
2) Due to vehicle cargo limitations, every participant must pack light: 1 backpack of gear, and 1 22" carry-on suitcase for everything else.  NO LARGE SUITCASES.  Ken will advise you on how to pack light if needed.
3) Every participant must sign a liability and model release waiver prior to the first session.


Photo sessions are planned for most weather types including light rain.  Any photographic session that is completely rained-out will be replaced with more classroom time or post-processing workgroups.  


10/17-10/19 (2 nights): Workshop I

10/19-10/21 (2 nights): Workshop 2

10/21-10/23 (2 nights): Workshop 3

(All workshops are identical.  You are welcome to attend multiple workshops for a discounted price.)


To reserve by deposit or to pay a balance:

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